• Brittney Noell


Oh instagram, what a cruel, advantageous, toxic, beneficial place!

Yeah, I don’t get it either.

I stopped using a personal instagram in 2018. It was my decision not to share any more of my personal life, in order to keep my life private and get out of this toxic environment.

I definitely have a love hate relationship with instagram.

My first argument is how much it SUCKS. It is a false reality. Perfect bodies, perfect skin, perfect lives. It is all mostly a big lie. It is giving people everywhere a false hope. They are looking up to people who seem to have these perfect lives but are not showing anything real. The pimple they woke up with or the huge tantrum their child had in the store.

But then again, why would they show that?

That's their private life, why feel the need to show something they want to keep private ?

But then, why show every other single GOOD detail about your life ??

Yes, it's very confusing.

Okay not only is it showing a false reality, but it is a place of destructive comments and conversations.

Anybody in the spotlight has to know before posting anything that at least a handful of their comments will be negative, and could even be extremely hurtful.

This is hard for anybody to deal with, no matter how untouchable they may seem.

I cannot stand knowing that this is the not so new normal, for people to tear others down for no reason at all.

And I'm not just talking about the “you're ugly” comments. Those suck but aren’t nearly as harmful as other people can get.

These people can go as far as death threats, bashful comments on one's family, and just mean hateful assumptions on someone that are not true at all.

SO, again, instagram sucks.

But, instagram is very necessary these days for anyone who runs a business or is trying to promote themselves, and it can really boost some peoples careers because of how many people you can reach.

Seeing all the love pouring in after announcing the news about my blog has really made me so happy. It is so amazing to see how many of you are supporting me on this journey, and for that I am so thankful.

Instagram for me will be a great place to share updates about my blog, and be in contact with all of you. Seeing all of the suggestions for things you guys would want to see me write about has helped me so much.

Also, of course I love looking at peoples pages that interest me.

Pages about equestrians and their horses, moms and their children, FOOD, and my favorite clothing companies.

These are all things I really enjoy looking at, and it makes me happy.

Another thing I love seeing is people being real. Meaning they may talk about going to therapy, which is a real, completely normal, and vulnerable thing. Or showing their unedited skin and bodies. Exposing your true self for people to see is also raw and vulnerable, and very much respected.

I believe that when a picture is edited to the point their face and/or body is not pictured how it is in real life, instagram should notify you underneath the post. This may stop people from having a false sense of reality.

Also, there is nothing wrong with editing a picture. I myself have edited out a pimple or two before. But if everyone owned up to it I think instagram would be a much different place.

But the reason I felt the need to edit out a pimple is what is sad. I wanted to look “perfect.” “instagram perfect.”

This is that false sense of reality I keep mentioning, and it is causing young girls to strive to be that.

Anyways, I could go on and on about this topic and I'm not trying to have you all read an essay.

There is a lot of good in instagram, but also a lot of bad.

There are small ways to fix some of these bad things, so maybe one day this will change.


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