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So a lot of you were asking why I chose to start a blog!

I have always been very interested in the beauty/lifestyle space. I've always loved learning new beauty tips and routines, ways to treat yourself through self care, healthy recipes, workout routines, etc.

I love to be artistic and paint, put together outfits for different occasions, and find fun decor for my home.

I am always looking at different blogs for these types of things, but anyways….

Early 2020 I became a mommy. A young mommy at that! I am 22 years old, married and have a 1 year old boy.

After having my baby boy my life of course changed so much.

It 100% changed for the better. I couldn’t imagine my life without my little love.

But I also went through postpartum anxiety and stress (which I touch on more in another blog post), which is very common in a lot of women postpartum.

What helped me the most was writing things down. Writing down what I was feeling helped me put it into words and better understand myself and my anxiety.

After I wrote things down I could better explain it to my husband and my therapist.

I also loved looking at other moms experiences postpartum. Some touch on postpartum anxiety and some don’t.

I found it so helpful to see that other moms were going through the same thing I was.

I then realized I do have a lot of things I want to say to others. From postpartum anxiety to beauty routines.

I thought I could create a space for women to see what my experience in motherhood is like, but also find posts outside of motherhood.

Blogs are one of my favorite sources of inspiration. I love finding new things to do, try, and purchase, so that is what I will try to do for all of you here, in addition to keep'n it REAL.

I am trying to make it normal to have conversations about anxiety, therapy, how destructive social media can be, while combining it with lighthearted posts about beauty and lifestyle.

I love to write and get all these opinions and ideas out, and I’m very excited to share them all with you.

Now I would also like to talk about why I'm SCARED to blog.

First off, being in the “spotlight” is nerve wrecking. As I talked about in a previous post, instagram/social media is a very toxic place. People can be so cruel. I think I am pretty good at blocking out the hate, but that doesn’t mean that at certain points it wont get to me. I think the only thing I can do is be prepared. I have never been one to share much on social media, and keeping parts of my life private is still very important to me. But I am now more open, willing, and excited to share things with you all that make me excited to talk about!

Also, I do not want blogging to ever take me out of the moment. I am sure I may be somewhere and need to take a picture/video or write something down, but I will always try my best to snap right back into the moment.

Some of you were asking me about what I do to stay present. My best advice for that is to know when to put the phone away. Enjoy the moment you are in.

Thank you all and I'm excited for you all to read what I have to say!


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