• Brittney Noell


A lot of people have been asking questions about my wedding! What kind of cake we had, where it was, where i got my dress, did we use a caterer, etc.

Our wedding was extremely intimate, simple, and easy.

It was held in our backyard under string lights (my favorite), and the ceremony consisted of only a few people. We had a fun reception with our close friends afterwards!

We both weren’t interested in too much of the extra stuff, and we did not want to stress about it. We just couldn’t be more excited to call each other husband and wife. So excited that we put on our rings early lol.

For the cake we actually just went with Susie Cakes!! SO yummy and simple.

For the catering we have a friend who runs a catering business so we were all set there. It mostly consisted of finger foods that you could eat on the go.

The dress I wore for the ceremony was the very first dress I tried on at the store. Once I want something I am set on that thing and it’s hard to change my mind lol. I had a different reception dress which was more comfy and simple.

I found out I was pregnant just a couple months before the wedding but since I was only a couple of months pregnant my tummy didn't get in the way of me fitting into my dress. That was a bit of a concern at first lol.

My bridesmaids all picked out their own dresses, I did not have a certain color that people needed to wear. Which I really loved because it made the pictures so unique!

I had my husband’s makeup artist Omayma (@omayma.ramzy) do my makeup and hair.

It was the most perfect day, so simple and full of love.

Then for the best part….lol just kidding. A couple days later we left for the honeymoon!!

We rented a private yacht for a few days and sailed to Catalina. We drank (I had virgin Pina Coladas of course because little man was in my tummy), ate some amazing food, swam in the ocean, walked around Catalina, and of course played a ton of chess;).

My husband and I both value our privacy which is why we never openly talked about our wedding. We wanted our relationship to be ours and only ours. We were not interested in putting ourselves out there. We still will always keep certain things and moments to ourselves, but would love to start opening up a bit. My husband is used to this, but I for sure am not. So creating this blog did come with some hesitation, but I have gotten such wonderful feedback from you guys and I am really enjoying letting you in my world. Again, certain things will still stay private but my husband and I felt ready to share how special our wedding day and honeymoon was with you all.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask!!


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