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This is me and my little man just a few days later, I've got my hunched breastfeeding back and I look like a mess but I love this picture! It is the only very raw picture I took of myself postpartum and I am glad that I did.

My postpartum recovery luckily went very smoothly! I delivered naturally, and my baby boy and I were healthy which was all that mattered.

I wanted to share with you mommas/soon to be mommas some things that really helped me through the postpartum stage.

First off, right after birth I pretty much wore pajamas all day every day lol. These are my favorites, and I still wear them all the time. They were also great for breastfeeding! Any top with buttons makes it much easier.

When I wasn’t wearing pajamas I would wear a big comfy t-shirt and sweatpants. This was actually one of my go to t-shirts that made me feel stylish and comfy. Pants wise I didn’t want anything with thick material just for comfort wise, I wanted to keep it loose and breathable down there lol so these socialite joggers were great !

After birth you want to have the comfiest underwear possible, and I love these because they also have built in padding that make you feel extra safe. I found this brand as well that I believe is new and they have a postpartum set ! These underwear are also great on your period for some extra protection.

Next is the postpartum waist trainer. Which I am not gonna lie I hated to wear. I didn’t wear it very often, I felt like it was just such a hassle. But this is the one I used, and it is actually very important in order to get your tummy muscles back into the right position. I should’ve worn it more, but thank goodness I got lucky lol.

Now this is super important after a natural birth. It is called a perri bottle and it is used to clean yourself throughout the day/after using the restroom in order to keep it from stinging down there.

Right after birth I used the Medela pump which was great. It was easy to use and easy to clean. They also came out with this new version. I am honestly not sure the difference but I am sure they updated some things. About a month in I decided to give the Elvie wireless pump a try. I would say that is really worth the investment. Being able to walk around and pump at the same time gave me so much more freedom.

When breastfeeding , if I were wearing a bra it would be this one. It was easy to snap on and off and very comfortable. If I were pumping with the medela, this pumping bra made it hands free which allowed me to play some catch up on my phone for those 20 minutes.

The my Brest friend breastfeeding pillow was a huge help when he was so itty bitty. It helps support your back and is comfy for your baby.

Okay lastly, the belly lotion!! I cant seem to find the one I used anywhere, but this one has very similar ingredients and has great ratings! Don’t forget to use lotion even after giving birth, but please know stretch marks are completely normal and are beautiful. I've still got them on my boobs, butt, and thighs. I have also heard great things about this belly oil.

Okay I think that is it! Let me know if there is anything you guys want me to add, and I would love to do a newborn essentials blog as well.

My sweet boy at 1 week old

First date day as parents!


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