• Brittney Noell


Since becoming a mom, I have been trying to discover new and fun things I like to do for fun. It is very easy to lose yourself in the world of motherhood, and that is something that I did not want for myself. Although, it did happen, but I quickly snapped out of it thanks to the people I love surrounding me. As a mommy it is very important to have something for yourself, even if that thing is just some sort of routine you like to follow everyday. This goes for everybody though not just parents! You can start to feel lost without having something for yourself.

For me, I felt this way around the time Bobby was 5-6 months. He was out of the newborn stage, and my postpartum anxiety was starting to get better since Chrissy was starting to help me with Bobby and I started going to therapy. But now my problem was that I did not have any hobbies at the time, and I did not know what to do with my time other than watch my son. I was tired but felt lazy just laying in bed and watching T.V. I felt like I should be doing something, but I just didn’t know what and it was so frustrating.

The first thing I started to do was create a schedule for myself. I would tell myself ahead of time what I was going to do with my time, like watch my son, go grocery shopping or work out. This is helpful for anyone! It is always nice to be organized and see your week in front of you.

Then I started to try new things, the main thing being painting. I had been into painting before and really loved it, and this was the perfect time to get back into it. I really loved it and it became part of my weekly schedule. I was using acrylic paint on canvas (shown in the picture above) and loved learning new techniques and trying to get better. I still love it but it has been a while since we haven’t been home for a few months now. I missed it so much that I actually just ordered some paint and canvases out here, so I hope to get back into it this week!

I also tried a bit of pottery with some quick dry clay. I only did this a couple of times because the quick dry clay is sort of hard to handle, but I see myself really loving pottery. Once the pandemic is officially over I would love to take pottery lessons and maybe one day invest in a wheel.

Another hobby is horseback riding. I used to horseback ride when I was little and I have always loved horses, but then when we moved I fell even more in love. We live close to a horse farm and I was able to see the horses everyday. I started taking lessons and I absolutely loved it. This is something I have missed so much and I can't wait to get back into my lessons every week. In this picture is me and a beautiful Friesian named Trinket. She is the sweetest.

The next thing that came about was of course my blog!! After months of searching for hobbies and things that I love I realized that I loved to talk about anything health, wellness, beauty, lifestyle, baby, mommy, etc. I love anything artistic and I was writing a lot whenever I wold have my anxiety. I put all of this together and realized there was a way to do everything I love. My blog allows me to try new things, whether it is a new recipe or a new hobby, and share them with people. I love hearing what people would want me to talk about and I love that the things I could talk about with everyone is literally endless! I have SO many ideas and I can’t wait to share so many new things with you guys. So now this is my hobby and my job.

Recently, as you can see from the picture, I have been loving the guitar. I haven’t learned much yet but my husband and some of his friends have been teaching me some things. I also have looked up a couple songs online and have learned the chords myself. That seems like a really great way to learn. So I am just beginning, but I think I am really going to love getting into it. My amazing husband got me my very own (as seen in the picture) which makes me even more motivated to learn!

A couple of other things that my husband and I love to do together are ride bikes and shoot guns!! It is always great to have hobbies that are just for yourself, but also things you love to do with your significant other!

I have learned that trying new things is the only way to discover things that you love. Also, it takes time, and sometimes you have to just go with the flow and let these things discover you.

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