• Brittney Noell


Finding good, clean makeup is super important to me. With my acne-prone skin what I put on my face really matters. Today I wanted to share with you guys my favorite go-to makeup products. This is not a routine, this is just a list of the products I use. Although, I would love to share a routine in the future, let me know if you guys would like that :).

So my number 1 go to product is for sure this Kosas Concealer in tone 3.2. I use this instead of foundation because I hate the feeling of having something on my whole face. I put the concealer on spots/areas I want to cover up. I know there are a lot of BB creams or tinted moisturizers that are super light, and I have tried some, but I always end up going back to just using concealer. I love this one because it is very clean and blends in great! It doesn’t make me break out.

Next is blush. On days that I want a super light makeup look I will just use the concealer and this Kosas blush in shade Papaya. I love this color and the formula is great. I go for powder because I have oily skin and cream blush is a little too much.

Mascara is an important one for me, I tend to wear it more days than I don't. I swear by this Kosas mascara. I have only been using it for a few months now and I LOVE it. It makes my lashes so long without the spider legs look lol. They look super natural.

I love bronzer but I will usually only wear it on a date night. But this Kosas bronzer in medium is great and the color is so beautiful! It gives the perfect bronzed look. Also, for both my blush and my bronzer I will use this brush. It is double sided, one side for blush/bronzer, and one side for powder. Makes it nice and easy!

Since I wear moisturizer (and SPF during the day always) underneath my makeup I do need to wear some powder. I love this Cover FX loose powder. I dab some on the areas that are a little extra shiny. It is not too cakey and leaves a nice matte effect.

I don’t do much with my eyebrows but on date nights I will use this Anastasia eyebrow pencil in medium brown to fill them in a bit. I have naturally thick and bushy brows so I don’t really fill them in much.

Something I do use often is this Anastasia clear eyebrow gel. I will use this during the day to keep my eyebrows in place.

I very rarely use eyeshadow, most of the time I will just put a little bronzer on my eyelids, but when I do use eyeshadow I like to do a tiny wing. I dip a brush just like this in some water and mix it with some dark brown eyeshadow. I have been using one from this Kylie Cosmetics palette. With the dark brown eyeshadow that is a bit wet I will just create a small wing. This palette is sold out but I found this Urban Decay Naked2 basics palette that is really similar. I love the Naked2 palette and this gives you the perfect basics from there!

For my lips I have been really into this Fitglow Beauty lip serum. It is soothing and hydrating for your lips like a chapstick but looks like a gloss. It is clear but looks great and stays on really well.

That is it!! I love the brand Kosas since their products are so clean. I always feel bad wearing makeup because I feel like I will breakout the next day, but with their products I don’t feel that way at all. Cover FX is really clean as well! If you guys have any good clean makeup brands that you love let me know, I always love finding new things <3.


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