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So while creating this blog post I actually realized how many hair products I actually use lol. What hair products you use is very important in order to keep your hair nice and healthy, especially for those with color treated hair. I highlight my hair and, as a blonde, it is very easy for your hair to get dry. I try my best to keep this from happening.

But, aside from the products you use, something that is VERY important is to not wash your hair everyday. I used to wash my hair everyday until I read about how damaging it could be to your hair. My hair gets oily quick, so I would feel the need to wash it everyday. But because I would wash it everyday, my hair was used to it and would produce more oil. It is similar to when your skin is dehydrated it will produce more oil to compensate. So now I wash my hair usually every third day. My hair is now used to this and doesn’t produce as much oil as fast. The day after washing it I can get away with no dry shampoo. I need dry shampoo on the second and third day but I can get away with going out like that lol. After that it is very necessary for a wash.

If you’re someone who washes your hair everyday, try to wash it every other day to begin with, and gradually increase the amount of days you go without washing it. It will take a bit for your hair to get used to, but when it does I am sure you will see a big difference!

So lets get into the products that I use….

For my shampoo and conditioner I will go between two. I love the Olaplex bond maintenance shampoo and conditioner, and I love the blonde life Joico shampoo and conditioner. I switch off for fun, right now I have been using Olaplex. I really love the way they both make my hair feel, although I think the Joico actually makes it feel a bit softer. They are both really great though and a little goes a long way for both.

My favorite leave in conditioner that I’ve been using for years is the It’s a 10 leave in product. I will towel dry my hair, spray a good amount throughout my hair and brush it through. I do this every time after the shower, even if I do not wash my hair (sometimes on the days I don’t wash it I will still get it wet, don’t use It’s a 10 on dry hair).

Although, sometimes when I blow dry my hair I will not use It’s a 10. Instead I will use the Dry Bar Liquid Glass smoothing sealant. I will spray it on my towel dried hair and brush it through. This helps detangle and leaves your hair super glossy and frizz free. I don’t want to use this and the It’s a 10 just in case it is too much for my hair. But again I will only use this one if I am styling my hair/using heat.

If I am going to blow dry my hair I will also use this Olaplex styling cream. It is a leave in treatment that helps repair your hair , makes it look nice and smooth and eliminates fly aways. I put just a dab on my ends after putting in the It’s a 10, then blow dry it in. This helps my ends from not looking dry and helps repair them.

After blow drying and before ironing I will spray this Dry Bar heat protectant throughout my hair. While separating sections that I am going to iron I will spray each section. Heat protectant is VERY important in keeping your hair healthy, but also try not to use heat on your hair too much.

If I curl my hair I will use this Dry Bar hair spray. This one is nice and light and doesn’t weigh my hair down, or give it that crunchy feeling. It feels like there Is nothing in it but helps my curls stay put all night long and even into the following day. I will spray it throughout my hair directly after curling it, then use my fingers to brush through my hair and separate the curls.

After straightening or curling I will use this Olaplex hair oil on my ends. This also helps the ends from looking dry and frizzy, which can happen after using heat on your hair. It also helps repair and strengthen your damaged ends.

If I curled my hair and want a little extra texture I will use this Amika texture spray. It smells SO yummy and provides the perfect amount of texture without making your hair feel gross. You don’t need too much and it adds the perfect amount of volume.

That second and third day of not washing my hair I will use this Amika dry shampoo, which also smells amazing. I am assuming everything from this brand smells great which makes me want to get more from them lol. This dry shampoo doesn’t add any white color to your hair which I love and really works in getting rid of excess oil.

Lastly, I will use this Olaplex hair mask every so often (maybe once every couple of weeks) to help repair any damage I’ve done to it. My hair always feels and looks so healthy and thick after using this. You could use it more than once every couple of weeks, honestly I just forget to use it! But it is for sure worth it. I think everyone needs to use a good hair mask every once in a while.

That’s all of it! Again, I didn’t actually realize how many products I use for my hair. Being a girl is expensive lol. But I really believe all of these are very necessary especially if you color treat your hair and use heat on it often. You don’t want to be goin out with broken and damaged hair! If your hair starts to feel that way a nice little trim always brings it back to life, and then just try to be aware of how often you wash it, how often you use heat on it, and use the right products.

As always if you have any questions let me know!


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