• Brittney Noell


Oh the much needed mommy self care. Self care is important for everyone of course, but it is much more appreciated once becoming a mama.

Self care can consist of anything you want. In my book, self care is just a term for taking care of yourself and doing what feels right in the moment. Giving your body what it needs after a long day.

I love to try to do some form of self care every day. Whether it is after I put my baby down or during the day on a day off. That might just be laying in bed watching Gilmore Girls, or it could consist of a whole beauty ritual. But giving myself that time for rest is something that I learned was very necessary for my mental health.

Okay here we go with some of my fav forms of mommy self care after putting my little one to bed…


First off, whenever I am feeling anxious I love to put some lavender oil In my oil diffuser. Linked are two different diffusers, one is less expensive and comes with 20 different oils, the other one is more pricey, but a bit more modern and classy if you’re looking for something to fit in with your decor. Both are great! Breathing this in deeply really helps take the pressure off my chest.

After turning on my oil diffuser I usually go in with a hair mask. I lighten my hair and every so often I use heat on it so I use this mask when I can to keep my hair healthy and protected from damage. Afterwards it feels incredibly soft and silky.

Once I put my hair mask on I use a face mask depending on what my skin needs that day. My skin is on the oily acne-prone side so I lean more towards clay or exfoliating treatments.

(Tip: with the aztec clay, use apple cider vinegar to mix it!)

With my hair and face mask on, I will take a warm bath. Pour some lavender epsom salt and then light my favorite candle before I get in. This Dr. Teals is amazing, it helps me feel so calm while helping to wash away the days stress. Oh, and of course, anything bath and body works is my favorite. While in the bath I will rinse out my hair mask in the faucet, and wash it out with shampoo the following day.

After taking a bath and washing off my face mask I will throw on my favorite cozy robe. Then it is time for my nightly skincare routine, brush my teeth, and then jump into bed. I will usually online shop for anything we need (or look just for fun) and then watch Gilmore Girls. At the moment that is all I am watching! I watched it about 3 years ago and I decided to restart it which was one of the best decisions of my life!


So that's all my favorite night time mommy self care rituals !! As always if anyone has any questions feel free to ask <3


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