• Brittney Noell


With all the new foods that Bobby is being introduced to, along with the switch from formula to whole milk, he started to get a bit backed up. He eats plenty of fruits and veggies, so I needed to find some other way to get him movin. But first things first is of course a healthy diet, which he has. Here are four things I have done to help him "go"!! Before trying anything new always contact your pediatrician!

1. Every morning right after his bottle off milk, I make him a cup of juice. I mix about 1 ounce of organic pure prune juice, with organic cold-pressed green juice. I get mine at Whole Foods and I always get a juice that has greens and apple. He absolutely loves this!!

2. For lunch every so often I will make him a smoothie. I will put organic frozen fruits, spinach, almond butter, chia seeds, and a dairy free milk (almond, oat, or macadamia). Chia seeds and spinach are filled with fiber and are so easy to hide in a smoothie.

3. In his oatmeal I will add in a tiny amount of ground flaxseed. Flaxseed is very high in fiber, tastes nutty, and when it is ground it is very easy to hide!!

4. Every morning since about 2 months of age I have given Bobby the Evivo probiotics. These are very important starting at a very young age. Probiotics are for their overall gut health. Although, sometimes he needs some extra help from the three things above.

I won’t do all of the first three things in the same day. I would pick one to try first and see if it helps! The juice is what really got him moving, but the smoothie and the flaxseed are ways to help keep it up!! And you can also try these yourself if you need help as well. I give him the probiotics every morning no matter what in his second bottle of milk.


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