• Brittney Noell


Here are all the items on my February wish list! You can click to shop all these images! I am going to do these every month so make sure you stay tuned. I will try to include a variety of clothing pieces and products that I want... or want more of haha!


February for me is about being comfy and cozy since we're all just at home, but I still crave times when I get to dress up for fun or take a trip to the park... As you can see I am a huge Aritzia fan, but how can you not be!

I got these LL BEAN Mens Pajamas for my husband but I prefer to call them mine. They are SO comfy and I love that they’re a bit big and baggy (I purchased a mens medium). I sleep in these almost every night when they’re not getting washed, or when my husband is wearing them!

I love anything about clean skincare and beauty and below are two products from Sephora I've been dying to try!


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