• Brittney Noell


So as I mentioned in my postpartum anxiety post, I breastfed Bobby up until about 3 months of age. But I still was not solely breastfeeding, I was bottle feeding in between (breastmilk and formula).

As I mentioned before I stopped breastfeeding because it felt more like a job, and was a factor in my postpartum anxiety, but I also realized how much Bobby and I preferred bottle feeding.

I know some moms feel more connected to their baby when breastfeeding, but in my experience I did not feel that way at all. Bobby was always very observant and did not like to be stuck in one place, especially pressed against my chest just staring at my skin. He is still like this, he has to look around at anything and everything. When he was being bottle fed he seemed much happier, and could look at my face, out the window, hold a toy, etc. This made me feel more connected to him because he could see me and I could talk to him, sing to him, etc.

Another perk was that I could see how much he was eating. The thing with breastfeeding is you never know how much they’re eating. He could be at my boob for 10 minutes but could’ve only taken a few sips. With bottle feeding I loved that I knew if he ate well or not. This really helped with Bobby’s sleep because when he ate a lot he (usually) slept a lot. They sleep longer with full tummies!

Breastfeeding was also a bit hard for me because I had a problem in the beginning where my boobs would get too full and rounded, so Bobby couldn’t latch on to my nipple. I used these nipple shields every time while breastfeeding not because it hurt but because he couldn’t latch. Once that problem stopped, he still needed to use the nipple shields because he had gotten so used to them. It wasn’t that big of a deal, just kind of more of a hassle.

With this post I am not trying to say that you should not breastfeed. I am just providing you all with my experience and my personal opinion on the subject! Bottle feeding ended up working best for me and my baby, but doesn’t mean it is the best option of you and yours. Just listen to yourself and your baby and do whatever you think works for you. Momma knows best!


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