• Brittney Noell


A few weeks ago Bobby had his first major “uh-oh”. It was terrifying. As a first time mom I have obviously never dealt with such a feeling before. Bobby has had little spills here and there, of course as any baby/toddler would, but nothing that had us concerned. This was the worst feeling in the world, especially because I still get anxious over things to do with my son, just because I want him to always be feeling his best and for him to be happy.

He was standing up in his bathtub. He has a blown up Mickey Mouse bathtub that sits on the floor of the shower in his room in the house we are staying in right now. In that shower there is a shower seat, and he likes to stand up in his bathtub and hold himself up by holding onto the shower seat. He did it all the time and I was always right there next to him. This time he went to sit down and one of his hands slipped, causing his face to go forward into the concrete shower seat. I grabbed him right away so he didn’t fall, but the side of his face hit the seat and he cried hard right away. I wrapped him in the towel, looked at his face, and there was blood on the outer corner of his eyelid.

I brought him out of the room to try to comfort him and bring him to his dad to explain what happened. He was still crying but after distracting him and comforting him he was okay. The cut on the outer corner of his eyelid was just still bleeding. It wasn’t bleeding like crazy it was just a little bit, and I think most of what we saw was dried blood. We cleaned the blood and sat him down to play and he was totally fine, playing with his toys and acting silly. To be safe we called his doctor and sent a picture of his cut. It was bedtime, so I put him down for bed before we heard a response from the doctor.

After putting him down all the anxiety hit me and I was having a bit of a panic attack. No mom wants to be responsible when your child gets hurt. Of course, I knew it was not my fault but it still sucks to be the one there because you feel like you could have done something different. I was more anxious about his cut and what the doctor was going to say.

The doctor called back and we got the worst possible response I could’ve heard in that moment, which was take him to the emergency room. He said it was just to be safe to make sure he didn’t need stitches. I knew he would be okay, and I knew it could have been much worse, but of course all I wanted to hear was that he was okay and not to worry. So we packed everything up, I got him out of bed and we took him to the emergency room.

We took him to one hospital and had the worst experience. We were there for about 2 hours without seeing a single person. That consisted of waiting for a room, and then we got into a room and not one person had come in to check on us. There was really nobody in sight. So we made the decision to leave and go to another hospital.

We got to the other hospital, they luckily got us in fast and we didn’t have to wait too long to see the doctor. By this time it was around midnight. Bobby hadn’t slept at all and was absolutely exhausted, but was being the best boy. The doctor saw us and said he was fine, the cut was already closing and wasn’t too deep. A ton of my anxiety lifted at that point, and now I just wanted my baby boy to get home and go to bed. We got home around 1:00am, Bobby went down great and slept until 10:00am the next morning (I adjusted his schedule the next day accordingly).

I am telling you all this because I know there are those mommas out there that need to hear this. What made me feel better was texting my momma friends and hearing their stories. Not that I would want to hear about another child getting hurt, but it definitely makes you feel better when you know it’s not just you. There are other mommas who have been through the same thing, and most importantly its not your fault and there’s nothing you could’ve done. It was one of the scariest things in my life and it is an indescribable feeling when it is your child. I am sure he will have plenty more “uh-oh’s” throughout his life, and I am not looking forward to it lol.


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