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Updated: Mar 25, 2021

So first I want to say that every day of mine is different. Before each week I create a schedule for myself. I decide which days and which hours I will be with Bobby, when I will hang out with my husband and friends, and when I will have time to myself/work on my blog. Here is an example of my schedule today. I had Bobby most of the day (besides a couple hours), so I will also give you guys his schedule as a 13 month old.

Bobby wakes up around 6:30 every morning. I wake up to the sound of him talking and whining for mama (while saying “dada”) lol. Once I hear him I get up, wash my face, put my contacts in, brush my teeth, make his milk, then go grab him. This will usually be around 6:45.

After changing his diaper and putting on his clothes we will head out to the kitchen to make him some of his juice. I have been using the prune juice and green juice concoction that I talked about in my 4 Ways to Help Your Toddler "Go" blog. We will then play in the living room with his toys and watch some Cocomelon.

At about 7:45 we have breakfast. I will switch off between yogurt and berries, oatmeal and berries, and peanut butter toast and berries (he loves berries). Today he had yogurt ! I had an everything bagel with vegan cream cheese topped with tomatoes (my favorite).

After breakfast we will play for a bit and wait for it to get a bit warmer outside, then we go for a walk. I take him in his play car which I mentioned in my Favorites Products for My One Year Old blog. We usually walk for about 30 minutes and will be back inside around 8:45.

I then make him a bottle of milk with his daily probiotic (also mentioned in my 4 Ways to Help Your Toddler "Go" blog) , and his Vitamin D spray. I will see if he wants some milk now but he usually just wants a few sips.

We then just hang out inside and play until we get ready for his 10:00 nap. We will usually go in his room around 9:45 to get ready.

After putting him down for this nap today I handed the baby monitor to Bobby’s Aunty Chrissy (our family friend who is now our wonderful nanny), and I went to workout. I have been pretty good with my workout schedule. It is so hard to stay consistent but once you get in a groove it becomes a habit. I worked out for about 30 minutes and then went in the sauna for 15 minutes.

After the sauna I showered, then did my day time skin routine (that"s always a must). I then laid down and chilled for about 45 minutes , went on Pinterest and responded to texts and emails. At about 12:00 I got up, put a little makeup on, got myself dressed for the day, and headed to the kitchen to make myself some eggs. By this time Bobby was also eating lunch (he eats at 12:00). He had pasta with veggies.

After we ate I had him for the rest of the day. We hung out outside for about an hour and played in the grass. At the place we are staying at right now there are some beautiful crystals in the front yard and he loves to hang out around those!

Today he took his second nap at 2:30 (he goes to sleep between 2-2:30) and during his nap I got some chores done, ate lunch, and worked on my blog.

He woke up at 3:30 today (usually between 3:30-4:00), and when he wakes up I will get his room ready for the evening. I will put out a towel for his bath, put out his pajamas, change his sheet and put out his night time sleep sack.

We hung out outside for a while again after his nap because his Aunty Chrissy got him his first kite! We were playing with that in the front yard with his Aunty Chrissy and a few of his Uncles and he loved it.

At 5:00 Bobby eats his dinner and tonight he had some oatmeal with strawberries and almond butter. After dinner we watched some Cocomelon and played until his 6:00 bath time. At 5:45 we made a bottle of milk and headed into his room to get ready.

After his bath his Dada came home and played his guitar for him. That is one of his favorite things. Dada did that while I ate my dinner that he brought me, and then at 7:00 I made Bobby a bottle of milk and we headed into his room. Dada read him a bedtime story, I changed his diaper and fed him his milk and put him down around 7:20.

After he went to sleep I grabbed my laptop and came outside to my husband and his friends jamming out in the backyard lol. So I sat down by the fire , listened to them play, ate dinner and worked on this blog! And now were here! After I finish this I will probably hang out with them for a bit then go in my room , work on this a bit more and then unwind. Unwinding consists of taking off my makeup, doing my nighttime skincare routine (always), putting on some sweats and either going on Pinterest or going straight into Gilmore Girls before bed!

So that's it! Again, every day is different but this was my day today. Tomorrow Bobby’s Aunty Chrissy is watching him for most of the day (8:00-6:00) and I will have a day to myself. I will have my same morning routine, work out, sauna, and then I will run some errands, work on some blogs and chill before I have to put my little man down!

Let me know if you guys have any questions!!


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