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So, I know it's extremely hard to find the motivation to workout these days. I am WITH you.

I find it so hard to be motivated at home. I used to go to the gym 4 days a week with a trainer which I loved because once you’re there, there's no going back lol! But at home you’re steps away from anything else you may wanna do.

So because of this I have been so inconsistent. I am trying to get back on track but it is hard! I thought making this workout for you guys would not only motivate you, but me as well.

My goal for working out is putting on muscle and toning the muscle that is already there. I have always had a very fast metabolism and genetically thin figure. Then during pregnancy I gained 40 pounds and quickly lost it due to breastfeeding and postpartum anxiety. Everyone has things about their body that they want to change but remember that you are beautiful!!! The goal of working out should purely be to stay healthy and keep your body moving. Setting goals is healthy, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

A lot of you were asking for workouts and ways to lose the baby weight after giving birth. Just add in 10-15 minutes of cardio before this workout! I know cardio can be so boring, but try to switch it up and make it different each time. One day you could go to the park to run, the next you could ride a bike/stationary bike, the next you could jump rope!


20 Minute Booty Workout:

  • First, always remember to stretch

  • 3 sets of 12 squats with 15 pound weights (weights can be adjusted)

  • 3 sets of 12 sumo squats with 30 pound weights (weights can be adjusted)

  • 3 sets of 30 (15 one direction 15 the next) lateral squat walks with heavy resistance band

  • lastly, 3 sets of 25 hip bridges with the heavy resistance band

Hope this workout helps!! Feel free to go up or down on weight depending on how it feels for you. You got this!!

I have linked the jacket I am wearing HERE and the leggings I am wearing HERE.


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